Own It

The Power of Women at Work

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Picking up the women and success conversation where Sheryl Sandberg left off, Krawcheck shows women how to go beyond just sitting at the table and take their careers to the next level
So much advice for women has been about how to succeed within the confines of the business world as it exists today. But that world is changing, and with it, so are the strategies needed to get ahead. And these changes are empowering women in unprecedented ways. Because in today’s increasingly complex, connected, and technology-driven world where communication and collaboration rule, the skills and qualities that matter most are ones that women inherently possess: in spades. Traits that make women great leaders, effective team players, and more valuable assets to businesses than ever.
Thus, the path forward to for women says Krawcheck, is not to mute these qualities, but to own them, to double-down on them, and to bring them – proudly and unapologetically – to work.  
Here Krawcheck draws on her experiences at the top levels of business, both as one of the lone women at the top rungs of the biggest boys club in the world, and as an entrepreneur, to show how women can tap into these skills -- and their enormous economic power -- to elevate themselves and their careers: everything from how to get the raise, to new takes on networking and mentoring, to navigating career breaks and curveballs, to how to initiate the “courageous conversations” about true flexibility and diversity in the workplace and shape our companies into place we want to work . 
Women have more power in the workplace than ever. Here Krawcheck lights the path to complete the revolution ignited by Gloria Steinem, and shows each one of us can own that power to own our careers and our futures.


“It’s no secret the business world is in a time of transformation, largely driven by technology. Increased automation means that skills like collaboration, creativity and relationship-building are even more valuable. As Sallie Krawcheck shows, women are uniquely positioned to succeed by tapping into the power they already possess. “Own It” is a manual for how women can both thrive and accelerate these changes — which will benefit both men and women”. –Arianna Huffington
“Young women are raised to think they don't have the natural skills to succeed in a “man’s world”. In this inspiring book, Krawcheck shows why stereotypically "female" qualities are actually a source of power.  This book fills me with hope that our next generation of young women will grow up believing they are brave and capable of changing the world. “
-Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO, Girls Who Code